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The author transforms his experience of life in the marginal areas of America in contact with a derelict humanity into intense narrative, at times epic. A journey that could seem like the descent into hell of the boundless landfills of the consumer society, but surprisingly capable of expressing a new vision of the world in times like ours, where the issue of safeguarding the earth’s environment is the problem of the problems. Life, art, dream, vision of the future chase each other through the pages and arrive at a renewed humanity.

Giorgio Bertin (Padua), lives and works in Florence. Artist and poet. Exponent of New York metropolitan expressionism in the 1980s, he concentrated his artistic research on the marginal realities of large cities, approaching the communities of artist-recyclers who populate them. In 1993 he was among the five poets chosen for the awarding of the “Laura Nobile” Prize with the poetry collection Cellophane’s years.