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Madrigale senza suono

Madrigale senza suono


Can an artistic assessment of a work transcend the moral assessment of its creator? This query is pivotal to Tarabbia’s latest novel – a splendid, powerful and highly cultured work. D – La Repubblica

Winner of Premio Campiello 2019. 5th printing. A Renaissance prince, a sublime composer, and a dreadful crime in a gripping and subtle kaleidoscopic plot.

Compelled by the conventions of his times, one tormented and troubled man carries out a savage murder that, despite its atrocity, sets his unstoppable artistic genius free.This man is Gesualdo da Venosa, the famous late 16th century madrigalist, the fascinating composer who inspired and obsessed Igor Stravinskij.

To avenge his honour against his young wife – Maria D’Avalos – and her infidelity, Gesualdo murders her in cold blood.Andrea Tarabbia builds an extraordinary novel on a delicate and perfectly balanced plot through the fate of a unique character. He skilfully pictures the verge of an era, and the exact moment when a new age begins.

The hypnotic plot of this gothic and sensual novel revolves around Stravinskij’s journey between genius and madness, in search of the truth of Gesualdo: a powerful game of mirrors that reveals the duality of human nature.

Genre: Narrative

Publishing house:

Bollati Boringhieri

Year of publication: 2019

Published in: Italia

Number of pages: 377

Price: 16,50 euro

ISBN: 9788833931326

Foreign rights manager:

Prizes: Premio Campiello 2019

Madrigale senza suono

Andrea Tarabbia

Andrea Tarabbia was born in Saronno in 1978. He undertook Russian studies, and is lecturer in comparative literature at the University of Bergamo. In October 2016 he won the Premio Letterario Alessandro Manzoni – città di Lecco with his novel Il Giardino delle mosche, which was also awarded with the 54th Selezione Premio Campiello. In 2012 he edited and translated Mikhail Bulgakov’s Diaboliad (Voland). He has contributed to numerous important daily newspapers.