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Milena Quaglini committed suicide on Oct. 17, 2001, while in the Vigevano female penitentiary awaiting trial for the murder of Angelo Porello, her partner at the time. He hadn’t been her only victim: Milena had already killed other men in the past, violent and abusive men. This time, though, no extenuating circumstance was going to save her from the final sentence, keeping her apart from her kids and the chance to live a normal life. Milena Quaglini’s has been one of the most infamous crime stories in Italy.  Elisa Giobbi gives voice to the haunting thoughts crowded inside the killer’s mind. A journey amongst the twists of a sorrowful soul, fogged by alcohol addiction and the memories of a cruel and mortifying childhood. This long narrative — alternated by official documentation — constitutes a sincere and brutal inquiry on human nature, guilt and culpability, survival instinct and gender-based violence. This is the story of a deeply vulnerable woman that,  after having endured violence and seen her pain morph into depression, slowly shifts from victim to killer.

Elisa Giobbi is a tourism and cultural operator with a degree in Modern Literatures and Languages. Her other published books are: Rock’n’ roll noir (Arcana, 2016); La rete (Stampa Alternativa, 2018); La sposa occidentale (Robin, 2019), winner of the Premio Luzi for unreleased fiction and the Premio Casentino honourable mention; Love (& Music) Stories (Odoya 2019); La morte mi fa ridere, la vita no (Arcana, 2020).