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14 January 2024

Noir in Festival for newitalianbooks

Noir in Festival started in Viareggio in 1991 as a unique festival, an original experience in the world of crime fiction, has established itself as a magical moment of the year, where films, books, television and new media go hand in hand. After 25 years, from 1993 to 2015, spent in the secluded and sophisticated beauty of Courmayeur and the Vallée Blanche, Noir in Festival moved to Milan in 2016. From the aficionado of Sherlock Holmes novels to the teenager captivated by the allure of the interactive console, from the curious news reader to the cinema and television viewer, people of all kinds find themselves, at least once, immersed in the passion for thrills and mystery.

This month, Noir in Festival offers newitalianbooks readers a focus on some of the most interesting noir titles published recently in Italy.



Title: Il misfatto della tonnara

Author: Abate Francesco

Year: 2023

Publisher Einaudi

Title: L’inferno degli eletti

Author: Brondoni Cristina

Year: 2022

Publisher Clown bianco

Title: L’educazione delle farfalle

Author: Carrisi Donato

Year: 2023

Publisher Longanesi

Title: Colpo di ritorno. Un caso per Manrico Spinori

Author: De Cataldo Giancarlo

Year: 2023

Publisher Einaudi

Title: L’angelo di Castelforte

Author: Genisi Gabriella

Year: 2023

Publisher Rizzoli

Title: I fantasmi si vestono nudi

Author: Macchiavelli Loriano

Year: 2023

Publisher Solferino

Title: La fine è ignota

Author: Morchio Bruno

Year: 2023

Publisher Rizzoli

Title: Il cliente di riguardo

Author: Simi Giampaolo

Year: 2023

Publisher Sellerio

Title: Nulla si distrugge. Un’avventura del commissario Bordelli

Author: Vichi Marco

Year: 2023

Publisher Guanda