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It’s the fortieth anniversary of landing moon but satellit decides to be in the shadows. A radio programme celebrates the event and allows to four old friends to meet again, even if by a telephone call, for remember Apollo 11 mission that enchanted a complete generation. Just in the day that celebrates the moon landing, the moon wanted to turned over the other side, maybe for discretion or for modesty towards human happenings of protagonists. In the mystery of night, the ancient light of stars will take over warm summer dark: the life of the four old friends and whom loved them will suddenly change. A lyric prose puts the reader into contact with the land and sky, remembering him how too often the progress has changed the concept of life, influencing on sense of space and time, on the relationship with own body, sometimes obliged to be deaf to the call of life.

While the dark of the night reveals itself in his mystery and fascinating reality, it almost seems that technological progress has created false illusions both in adults, that yesterday dreamed to become astronauts, both in thirty-year old men and women that today try to become the adults of the future.

Maurizio Landi is movie director and journalist. In 1990 debuted as press journalist. Then he worked as special correspondent for Rai Tre. He also had experiences in war zones. In 2001 he collaborated with Mediaset. In 2007 he worked as special correspondent of TG 2000. In 2008 he debuted as writer with novel Il cane e l\’arte del volo a vela. He actually works for RAI Radiotelevisione italiana as movie director of del TGR.