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Pensare e fare formazione psico-sociale

Pensare e fare formazione psico-sociale

This book collects several thoughts that the authors have developed over the years (40 un the case of Massimo Bellotto), and which they now intend to “hand over” to the new generation that works in the field of training. In particular, issues related to the so-called psycho-social training are dealt with: theoretical and operational reflections generated by multiple work experiences, from study and discussion with good professionals. Organizational cultures are also made the object of reflection, especially as regards those aspects capable of legitimizing certain types of trainers to the detriment of others. Meanwhile the world has changed, organizational cultures have evolved, and psychological disciplines have built new knowledge. This activates new methods and techniques of intervention, and at the same time there is the danger that training will flatten itself on current fashions, functional more and more to implement the power of the system and less and less to cultivate the development and quality of life of people who work in organizations. Therefore, for those in training, there remains the need to think, to stop and reflect, to base their practice on consistent concepts and methods, to exercise their discretion with lightness and with autonomy of judgment. We therefore hope that this book constitutes a journey through the multiple meanings of the concept of training and the practices related to it, so that the reader is allowed to access the broad, rich and diversified panorama of the complex field of study and intervention that is training. All in the hope that what is written in this book stimulates and activates above all reflections against any dogmatism and sterile technicality applicable in formation.

Genre: Essays

Subject: Pedagogy and education

Publishing house:

LED Edizioni Universitarie

Year of publication: 2021

Published in: Milano

Number of pages: 330

Price: 40

ISBN: 978-88-7916-984-4

Foreign rights manager: Valeria Passerini - Tiziana Battaglia

Pensare e fare formazione psico-sociale

Massimo Bellotto - Riccardo Sartori

Massimo Bellotto was Full Professor of Work and Organizational Psychology at Verona University. His publications focus on the theoretical and methodological aspects of training, on organizational cultures, on values inherent in personal and professional development.

Riccardo Sartori is Associate Professor of Work and Organizational Psychology at Verona University. His publications range from staff assessment, their training, to the themes of change and organizational innovation.