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Together forever. This is the pervasive, all-encompassing concept around which the author weaves the common thread of her passionate treatment which traces a careful critical path to discover the progressive evolution and redefinition of the hated figure of the vampire. Starting from mythology and ancient popular traditions, the essay analyzes the most important literary and cinematographic productions of the last centuries, to finally arrive at the analysis of a contemporary product that has catalyzed a real epochal change in representation: the saga of Twilight. From loneliness to the search for love, from an unstoppable impulse to the ability to repress one’s bloodlust in the name of a moral code, the mysterious figure of the vampire has been the object of great fascination for male and female readers of all kinds for decades and age. A perfect metaphor, with its continuous evolution and readjustment, to explore the complexity of human nature and its condition of inexorable transience.

Barbara Buttiglione loves English literature. Among her early works, several poems were published in the collection Poeti Contemporanei by Elio Pecora in 2012. Since 2014 she has presented musical shows on Oscar Wilde, John Lennon and Luigi Tenco, which she wrote and directed, in pubs and clubs. It also presented numerous male and female writers. He has published two novels, Il conte and L’ho chiesto alle stelle, and an essay, Questo grande amore è il mio vanto.