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This smooth, practical essay explains how and why investing in empathy, experience and storytelling is essential to be competitive in a market where algorithms set the rules.

How can you ride the waves of today’s techno-economic tsunamis without being overwhelmed? Well, by becoming #phygital – physical and digital, offering places of contact and handy services just a click away! Values, emotions and humanity are the core of a new marketing model designed for a world where the digital dimension is increasingly connected to physical experience.

In the words of series editor Paolo Iabichino, #Phygital is a trace left by a pioneer. The book caters to students, marketing managers and (small) entrepreneurs, showing how digital marketing and social psychology should merge if we want to save local shops from the competition of a future that is already here (the big online players) and turn human resources from fixed costs into real sources of worth.

Nicolò Andreula is an economist, consultant and trainer based in Bari, where he co-founded TEDx Bari. He is Scientific Director of the Master in Digital Entrepreneurship at H-Farm.