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The body let us travel through the world and let us make emotional connections with places, people and moments. That’s how we create invisible strings of fate.

In the middle of her life, a woman embarks on a journey to Treblinka alone and disconnected. In the first place, she chooses to visit the Polish extermination camp after seeing “Shoah”, the extraordinary Claude Lanzmann’s documentary, but unexpectedly her regular journey became a long trip leading to emancipation and serendipity. The woman will take part in the Parada Równósci among Warsaw’s streets, she will make a pure act of poetry in the middle of the sea near the island of Lampedusa and years later, she will even go through a period of illness reaching deep within herself memories, hopes and dreams to find out new sources of light.

Paola Ivaldi lives in Turin. Graduated in Modern Literature, she began her career both in the journalistic field, dealing with the environment and healthcare matters, and in publishing, collaborating with various publishing houses as a freelance editor.

She currently works in the public communication sector, carrying out web editing and scientific dissemination activities at the oncological and epidemiological research centre of an important hospital-university company.