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Poe. La nocchiera del tempo. Le guerre del Multiverso. Vol. 1

Poe is a human who has to come to terms with an Earth devastated by a mysterious catastrophe. Removed from her world as an outcast at the age of fifteen, she has lost everything: friends, affections, social standing, but thanks to her extraordinary strength of spirit, courage and bravado she has managed to pull through, and today, at the age of twenty-five, she is a skilled and famous Seeker, one of the few able to travel through the Wells, interdimensional passages that connect the worlds of the multiverse. When she is entrusted with the mission of retrieving a devastating weapon for a mysterious client, so powerful as to foment a terrible war on the planet Mechanica, she is joined by Damyan, a Seeker like her but with pointed ears, curly green hair and orange eyes. Poe doesn’t like this at all: she is used to fending for herself, for better or for worse; the responsibility of a companion can be a hindrance and turn into too great a burden to carry. Despite all her resistance, day after day the two become a formidable team. But this time carrying out the mission will not be enough, this time Poe decides to get to the bottom of everything that lies behind it, and instead of handing the weapon over to the principals she will concoct a plan that will take her back to her past, to her origins, to her affections, and perhaps even to a sister she thought was lost forever. Reading age: from 10 years.

Licia Troisi (1980) has a degree in Astrophysics. For Mondadori, in 2015, she published Dove va a finire il cielo. She is the author of the sagas of Mondo Emerso, Dragon Girl, Regni di Nashira, Pandora and La saga del dominio, all published by Mondadori. In 2019 she published with Mondadori I casi impossibili di Zoe e Lu in 2020 is instead La sfrontata bellezza del cosmo (Rizzoli). In 2023, Astrofisica per ansiosi was published by Rizzoli.