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Amedeo has no doubt: his father is a bastard and the walking excursion on the top of Punta Liberté sounds like a punishment. He has been missing school for one month but at home nobody knows. And now his father’s weird idea: two days toghether, just the two of them. Behind a lock of his long hair, Amedeo stares at the valley, the summit at 3.400 mt and the starting point of the trail, until the Fontanafredda refuge, the first stop of the climb. A backpack, boots, some extra clothes, a heavy jacket and above all… no mobile. The mountain is a jail, only ascent and stones, and he is dead tired. The memory of her mother, dead in an accident, is always with him and the annoyance to her father’s company is growing more and more. The only relief is thinking of Lucilla, the new school mate, quiet and solitary. An overnight stop in an old hut and then again on the track all the way to the top, walking along the cliffs. The way back is an abyss of stones. A land-slide breaks his father’s leg. Without a mobile it’s impossible to call for help and Amedeo starts running against time and above all against his fears: he must find aid and rescue his father.

  • A compelling story telling us that everybody has his/her own fear and that going through is the only way to overcome it.
  • A novel for teenagers about how to face and defeat our fears written by one of the most interesting Italian novelists.
  • An adventure on the mountains among peaks and cliffs told with a rapid pace and a straightforward writing.

Born in Casale Monferrato in 1971, she teaches Italian and History at a technical institute. She has published Tutta questa vita (2013, finalist for “Premio Peradotto”), La figlia sbagliata (2015, shortlisted for “Premio Strega 2016” and winner of “Premio Società Lucchese dei Lettori 2016”), Destino (2018). She collaborates with newspapers and magazines. With Respira con me she arrived among the finalists of “Premio Strega Ragazze e Ragazzi 2020”.