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7th April 1994, foolness, cruelty and violence sizzle for 104 days in Rwanda. Those days, until the 4th of July, are interminable for the local population. At the end of those days, une million of people died and hundreds of thousands of rapes spreaded the fear of AIDS through 200 thousand innocent women and children. The subjugation and the fear started a exodus withput precedent: about two millions of rwandans escaped from the country seeking help from the adjoining countries.

This graphic novel illustrates Tutsi genocide and the responsabilities of western governments in an unprecedent way less than 30 years after those days: the days of oblivion.

Publishing house:

Round Robin Editrice

Year of publication: 2021

Published in: Roma

Number of pages: 124

Price: 16,00

ISBN: 978-88-94953-38-1

Foreign rights manager: Lucia Guarano


Martina Di Pirro - Francesca Ferrara

Martina Di Pirro is a freelance journalist specialised in international relations. She worked for the Minister of foreign affairs, for the European Parliament. She wrote for Il Manifesto, l’Espresso, linkiesta and Left.

Francesca Ferrara is cartoonist and writer. Her stories are principally about social commitment and marginalisation. From 2010 she collaborates with many independent and self producted magazines and comic strips.