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•The story of a boy, suffering from a rare disease, and his friend, two “one-offs” united by the struggle to grow up among superficial people lacking patience and curiosity.• Engaging writing that catapults the reader between the pages, making them feel what the characters feel.• An author much appreciated by children who favours social themes and stories with a strong link to reality.You are outsider, they tell you, when in fact you are locked inside a cage that no one wants to open. You are strange, they tell you, you are not like the others. Glauco, thirteen years old, has a rare disease, the kind that has to do with chromosomes, and knows what it means to be different. Beatrice, called Bea, thirteen years old just like him, is his best friend. A shy girl, good at school, a book lover and, in particular, scary stories. Bea does everything she can to pass unnoticed until Glauco comes into her life and she suddenly finds herself in the spotlight, always. At the bar, on the train, at school, everyone is watching. Or rather, they watch him.Glauco, whose name means sparkling, lights up her life: he runs, dances, shouts, sings, overwhelming everything with his exuberance and sweeping Bea’s shyness away. Hanging out with those who are different, however, takes courage and open- mindedness because people are afraid of persons like Glauco. And fear is not easy to defeat. But the two friends, bound by the desire to be happy, will fight to earn their place in the world.

Antonio Ferrara is a writer, poet and illustrator. He has worked in an accommodation community for minors. He holds writing workshops in schools, libraries, prisons and hospitals. He has published with several publishing houses and received numerous awards, including, as a writer, the ‘Andersen Award’ in 2012 for the book Ero cattivo (Edizioni San Paolo).