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Caterina cant’ read or write, but when her parents told her she would have to cope by herself she wasn’t afraid. She doesn’t know that the plague killed all her family but she manages to cope alone in the woods. She grows to be a solitary, hardworking young woman. And then somebody in the village starts spreading rumors: is she a witch? Based on a true witch’s hunt, the first of these three beautiful short stories sets the mood of the book, which delves into women’s pride, cleverness and silent fights.

Bianca Pitzorno (Sassari, 1942) is author of about 50 books, many of which are bestselling titles in Italy and abroad. She translated Tolkien, Sylvia Plath, David Grossman, Töve Jansson. Among her novels La bambina col falcone; Ascolta il mio cuore; La bambinaia francese; La vita sessuale dei nostri antenati. With Bompiani she published Giuni Russo and Il sogno della macchina da cucire.