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La strada verso casa. Due generazioni a confronto attraverso un’importante sfida politica

The road home is in itself a political manifesto, that is, it has a paradigmatic meaning that the book expresses, perhaps even beyond the intention of the authors. The volume assumes in other words the value of a political example without intending it, and this almost unawareness dose is one of the fortunes of this literary bonsai, which therefore becomes valuable reading not only for those who belong to the fascinating Lucanian valleys. Gianni Pittella and Simona Atzori tell the story of the roots, the nòstos, the return to Lauria showing off a double lens, that of a gifted and sensitive young woman who has decided to stay in her land, going against the tide of exodus and depopulation, and that of a politician who, after a lifetime of commitment, but also of laurels, around Europe decides, also against the tide, to respond to the call of his native community and returns to the deep South to run for Mayor.

Gianni Pittella, Senator of the Republic, is a coroner by profession. He has written numerous essays and books on European topics. Simona Atzori was born in Maratea in 1992. She takes care of territorial development and enhancement projects focused on Basilicata. Co-author of podcasts on awareness of the importance of mental health, she is also a communication and social media strategist.