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Learn how to enhance your memory and get the most out of it, reading 25,000 words per minute instead of 150. A winning foray into super memory and super reading, with instantly applicable techniques.

In a simple, straight-forward style, the author offers a comprehensive explanation of the real potential of quick learning techniques, ensuring you won’t have to say “I don’t remember” or “I have it on the tip of my tongue” or “I can’t read all this now” ever again.

The book details the techniques to organise your study time, memorisation strategies to remember the right things at the right time, fast reading techniques to read everything in less time, photo-reading techniques to read a book at a speed of 2 pages per second (200 pages in 30 minutes!) ; you will learn how to summarise texts and information in useful mind maps and to master the communication techniques to smoothly and confidently interact with others.

Each chapter features a colour concept map.

Marco D’Ardia is involved in classroom training and holds online courses on memory techniques, fast reading, team management and time management. He has collaborated with some of the largest training companies in Italy. He is also specialised in NLP.