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Active in more than 150 countries and translated into no less than 75 languages, TikTok is the app of the moment, the one chosen by all those who wish to express themselves and go viral by sharing short videos, lasting 15 seconds, directly from their smartphones.

TikTok marketing explains how to land on the Chinese app by ByteDance as a creator and as a brand, illustrates the factors behind its boom in Italy and worldwide, and how it differs from its main ‘rival’, Instagram.

After a broad overview of the app’s structure, the book focuses on the marketing and advertising functions already in place for brands and companies, through some successful Italian and international case studies, as well as presenting community and engagement aspects.

The analysis is completed by a chapter dedicated to privacy and the protection of minors (40% of ‘TikToker’ players in the world are under the age of 19) edited by a lawyer expert in digital issues.

Ilaria Barbotti, business consultant, is an expert in social media and influencer marketing. She founded Igersitalia, the only national network of Instagram fans.