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Paola is a dominant, unscrupulous girl with complex feelings. After graduating in engineering, she gradually feels the ghosts of her adolescence emerge: molestation, violence, abandonment. From that moment her mind derails and her thoughts crash against the outside world. The clinical diagnosis is precise: ‘absence of impulse control and major depression’.This book is a chronicle of a leap into the void, where experience and unconscious reworking of that experience alternate, and the reality of the facts is always poised between truth and lies. In the grip of a pain that erodes her nerves, Paola travels the labyrinth of psychoanalysis relying on the guidance of a patient and faithful therapist, who saves her from suicide attempts. From there, a tortuous path to recovery unfolds, told in a hypnotic and powerful style, suspended between prose and poetry. Afterword by Marco Giovenale.

Series “novecento/duemila” directed by Diego Bertelli and Raoul Bruni

Paola Silvia Dolci was born in Cremona, where she works as a civil engineer. She is a translator and editor in chief of the independent poetry and culture magazine Niederngasse. She has published the volumes Bagarre, Lietocolle, 2007; NuàdeCocò, Manni, 2011; Amiral Bragueton, Italic Pequod, 2013; The Processes of Image Magnification, Oèdipus, 2017; Bestiary Metamorphosis, Gattomerlino Superstripes, 2019 and Portolano, Mattioli1885, 2019.