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The transition from a milk diet to one that includes solid foods is a fundamental step in the natural development of the child. Increasingly often, however, weaning is experienced by many parents with anxiety and frustration, when, in fact, it should be a pleasure that comes from the exploration and discovery of the child’s new skills and abilities that allow him to relate to the outside world. Un mondo di pappe does not presume to tell parents ‘how to do it’, but promotes, supports and strengthens their skills and those of their children in a process of facilitation and not imposition, making us know and appreciate foods, flavors and moments of sharing. Never as in the first months of our child’s life will we be as attentive to the quality of the foods we buy. This attention can become the first step towards an ecological way of dealing with the world, as well as the first step towards an education that is attentive to others and to the richness offered to us by the many diversities. This is the conviction that sustained  Sara Honegger in her all-round journey into infant nutrition. From mothers’ milk to the family table, from the first approaches to baby food to cooking as an exciting laboratory, this book takes us on a fantastic journey through recipes, advice and memories of mothers from different parts of the world. A cross-cultural journey, made without ever forgetting the principles of a diet that is attentive to our own health, but also that of others and the Earth we inhabit.A text of great help not only to parents, but also to educators of kindergartens and all pediatricians concerned with promoting the health of their young patients.

Sara Honegger , mother of two children, is a journalist. In addition to collaborating with numerous magazines, she has published some texts on nutrition and others dedicated to childhood.