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Two friends driving across Italy in a red car. They are in their forties: Andrea is waiting on a verdict that will affect his love life. Paolo is in crisis with relationship, identity, mid life. Or maybe he just needs some levity. The car they travel in is an old Fiat 850 Spider. Paolo’s father had to sell it years before to make room for the family; now that Paolo sees him weakened by the years, he decides to get it back and surprise him. As they drive the car back up from Apulia to Milan, Paolo and Andrea chat to one another with that ruthlessness that is only reserved for friends: they talk about their parents, women, children, work, the knots that emerge in their middle age and what used to seem like insurmountable problems deflate in the light with a touch of irony. A trip full of funny and unexpected incidents and discoveries, of beauties that often go unseen when we are too busy performing our duties. A journey that will lead Paolo to the discovery of forgotten happiness, fresh air, light and crisp, and a new way of staying in old things.

Fabio Volo (born near Brescia in 1972) –  writer, actor, TV and radio presenter – is the most extraordinary publishing phenomenon in Italy with twelve novels simultaneously still riding high in the bestsellerlist. Among his foreign publishers: Diogenes, Michel Lafon, Presença, Dudai, Ripol, Livani, Plaza y Janes, Bertrand Brasil, Colibri, Beobook, Znanje, Pegasus, Nha Nam Publ. Thai, Sodam & Taeil Korea.