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A volte nulla è come sembra

A volte nulla è come sembra


A subtle, invisible thread links the lives of the various characters, with the appearance of an elderly psychic, that the story acquires a deeper meaning.

Several characters with highly divergent personalities and experiences live their lives without ever meeting up, until unwittingly they become the protagonists of each other’s lives.

The link, the common thread amongst them all, is a simple yellow pen. Though apparently devoid of meaning, while passing from hand to hand it collects the experiences of all those who have held it.

Good and evil are two sides of the same coin, forming a single unit where nothing is as it seems.

It is only in the second part of the novel that the ideas that crop up from one chapter to the next will find an explanation. The appearance of an elderly woman who reveals the subtle link shared by the individual experiences, will lead to the parallel narration of another more complex story, based on curiosity and sensitivity.

Though the author’s style is simple, she knowingly leads the reader through the various stories without dwelling on any one in particular. She brings them all together in the final part of the novel, arousing that interest in the supernatural to which we all unconsciously tend.

“The incentive that pushes man forward and goads him to go beyond the limit is always, exclusively, curiosity, with its numerous and multi-hued interrogatives. This is precisely the most interesting aspect: being intrigued to the point that you call everything into question, you keep on searching, seeking out that certain something that leads you on, in an ever-growing pursuit of knowledge. After all, answers can wait”.

Genre: Narrative

Publishing house:

Edizione Il Ciliegio

Year of publication: 2013

Published in: Italia

Number of pages: 136

Price: 14,00 euro

ISBN: 9788867710355

Foreign rights manager:

A volte nulla è come sembra

Cristiana Iannotta

A highly versatile author, she has published: Blu e rosso. Viola., a diary, Aletti Editore; Così, all’improvviso, apoetic collection, Bel-Ami Edizioni; Senza rete di protezione, a chick-lit story for Italian readers living abroad, Chichili Agency Italia; A volte nulla è come sembra, a novel, La spiaggia dell’amicizia, a children’s story, Edizioni Il Ciliegio; L’Attimo di mezzo, a novel, Edizioni Progetto Cultura.