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Alma Buenos Aires

Alma Buenos Aires

Literary guide to myth of a city

Buenos Aires is as old as the ocean even though it is not one. It is as old as the Occident even though it doesn’t want to be. Buenos Aires lives with obstinacy, because it cannot do otherwise. This guide offers to the reader a path to reach the core of its literary and intellectual myth. The key to it allure lays in the talent of visionaries, writers, artist that chose it as their safe haven. Their ambitious dreams shape a plethora of artistic works where even the fantastic finds its place.

With four drawings by Attilio Rossi, from Buenos Aires en Tinta China, and a selection of rare photographs taken in Buenos Aires around the year 1900.

Genre: Essays

Publishing house:

MnM & Amolà

Year of publication: 2022

Published in: Poggio Rusco (MN)

Number of pages: 256

Price: 16,00

ISBN: 9791280743039

Foreign rights manager: Vittorio Bocchi -

Alma Buenos Aires

Renata Adriana Bruschi

Born in Buenos Aires, she lives in Tuscany. She has taught in Italy, Eritrea and Argentina. Creator and host of literary events in Buenos Aires and Mendoza, she has co-ordinated the Committee The Maremma for Dante, culture for life, in occasion of the VIIth centenary of the Poet’s death. She is an researcher in the field of literature both in Argentina and Italy, with particular attention to the figure of Victoria Ocampo. She has edited the book Antonio…, 2020.