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A book of poetry that is not just a book of poetry, but a singular metaliterary journey between initiatory and alchemic suggestions, cosmological and psychedelic turns, introspective moments and dramatic glimpses. Alternating between English and Italian with multiple grafts of other languages, this labyrinthine work crosses the traditional boundaries between original language and language of translation, and mixes together – through the tools of cut-up and combinatory art – obsolete expressions, jargon, slang, pidgin, phrases and ideograms enriched or mutually deprived of meaning. The poematic structure, reminiscent of Ezra Pound’s Cantos, unfolds in 198 ‘rooms’, within which the reader is sucked in thanks to the hypnotic force of Vanni Santoni’s writing.

Series “novecento/duemila” directed by Diego Bertelli and Raoul Bruni

Vanni Santoni he has published several novels, including Gli interessi in comune (Feltrinelli 2008, Laterza 2019), Se fossi fuoco arderei Firenze (Laterza 2011), La saga di Terra ignota (Mondadori 2012-17), Muro di casse (Laterza 2015), La stanza profonda (Laterza 2017, candidate for the Strega Prize), I fratelli Michelangelo (Mondadori 2019). He writes in Corriere della Sera, Linus, Internazionale. His latest novel, La verità su tutto, is released by Mondadori in January 2022.