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Aurora nel buio

Aurora nel buio


Aurora in Darkness is the thriller by Barbara Baraldi that tells of Aurora, a policewoman who investigates and lives outside the rules to save little April and to avoid further murders. Aurora Scalviati was the best in her field, until the day of the shootout, when a bullet hit her in the head. Since then, the best profiler among the Italian police suffers from a bipolar disorder that she attempts to dominate through drugs and clandestine sessions of a therapy considered barbaric by many: electroshock. When Aurora is transferred to a quiet town in Emilia for disciplinary reasons, she is faced with a scenario that is very different from how she imagined it. On the night of her arrival, a woman is killed. The husband went missing and the killer has kidnapped their nine-year-old daughter, April. On one wall of the house, an inscription drawn in the victim’s blood reads. “You will not harm”. Aurora is sure that it is the work of a killer who has already murdered in the past and that the writing is a clue that can lead to the child, a kind of ultimatum … But no one will listen to her. Soon Aurora will understand that she must act outside the rules, because only by trusting her intuition will she be able to dispel the blanket of fog that envelops everything. Only by facing the demons of her own mind will she be able to save little April and avoid further murders …

Genre: Murder Mystery/Horror

Publishing house:

Giunti Editore

Year of publication: 2017

Published in: Italia

Number of pages: 528

Price: 16,90

ISBN: 9788809832473

Foreign rights manager:

Premi: 2018: Premio Nebbia Gialla for Aurora nel buio
 2018: Premio Hitchcock-Garfagnana in giallo for Aurora nel buio 2017: Premio Giallo d’amare for Aurora nel buio

Aurora nel buio

Barbara Baraldi

Barbara Baraldi is the author of thrillers and graphic novels. With La bambina di cristallo she was selected for the BBC documentary, Italian Noir. Her series, Aurora Scalviati, profiler del buio includes Aurora nel buio (2017), Osservatore oscuro (2018), and L’ultima notte di Aurora (2019); it has sold over 80,000 copies. She has won awards including the “Gran Giallo città di Cattolica” and “Nebbia Gialla”.