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Il fuoco dentro. Il romanzo di Janis Joplin

Texas, 1940s. Janis is a quiet, sensitive child. But her adolescence explodes like a tornado: her companions bully her, her family does not understand her ambitions, the world denies her lifestyle. The girl convinces herself that she is ugly, that she does not deserve love. There is only one salvation: music. It will become her obsession, forever. Baraldi tints Janis’ story in a dark shade to highlight the profound contrasts: between the desire for normality and the life of a rock star, between fame and the loneliness off stage, between the need to be loved and the inability to maintain a relationship. And then rebellion, sex, battles with Jim Morrison and friendship with Jimi Hendrix, cosmic blues and heroin to silence the pain, obsession with death combined with a desperate need to live, to the very end.

Barbara Baraldi is an author of thrillers and graphic novels such as Dylan Dog. She began writing with La bambina di cristallo. When the novel was out in the US and UK she was selected for the BBC documentary, Italian Noir. Her successful series with Aurora Scalviati is published by Giunti Editore and includes Aurora nel buio (2017), Osservatore oscuro (2018), and L’ultima notte di Aurora (2019); it has sold over 80,000 copies to date. She has won a number of awards.