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Biologia della gentilezza. Le 6 scelte quotidiane per salute, benessere e longevità


From one of the world’s luminaries in cancer research and a leading expert on the subject of meditation, a self-help book that not only points the way to a longer life but to real happiness in the here and now.

For thousands of years, the great spiritual traditions of humankind have told us that the secret to a long and happy life stood in practising kindness, forgiveness, and altruism. In their new book, Professor Immaculata De Vivo, an epidemiologist at Harvard Medical School, one of the world\’s leading experts in cancer genetics, and Daniel Lumera, a leading international author in the wellness sciences, show us that the proof of this truth is written in our genes. Rich in scientific data, spiritual anecdotes, and packed with easily actionable practical advice, La biologia della gentilezza invites us to revolutionise our lives according to the principles of kindness, optimism, forgiveness, gratitude, and happiness and a daily routine privileging happy relationships, a good diet, meditation, physical exercise, music, and contact with nature. A journey to fully understand the power of the mind over genes, the secrets of longevity, the anti-inflammatory and anti-aging processes obtained through meditation, the relationship between nutrition and cancer, the impact of nature and music on health and mood, the importance of being able to create happy relationships for good health and quality of life.

English synopsis available

Immaculata De Vivo, Daniel Lumera

Immaculata De Vivo is a scientist of Italian origin, Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School and Professor of Epidemiology at Harvard School of Public Health. Her studies have been featured on CBS, CNN, The New York Times and Forbes.

Daniel Lumera is one of the most important gurus of meditation in the world. He invented My Life Design, the method to successfully draw your own professional life.