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Susan Duckling e il caso del raffreddore scomparso

A new case for little Susan, this one once accompanied by Penelope, the dog with an exceptional nose

Due hotel e un delitto

Two hotels at war, a lakefront as a battle fieldand a race against time to clear a murder suspect

L’amica fantasma

A story that explores important themes such as the end of a deep friendship and the mourning of death.

Ari e il maestro di veleni

Another special character by Paolo Roversi: a young girl with a special "gift" and the right nose for mysteries to ...

La vendetta del bosco

A dark story, very current in dealing with the theme of the increasingly conflictual relationship between Man and Nature.

Il Libro dei Morti

Memories that re-emerge from the past. Surprises by the memory. An intricate and suspicious story, guarded in a mysterious Book ...

I misteri del Lago Nero

Both a thriller and a noir: a mix of excellent ingredients as in a well cooked meal.

Senza una buona ragione

The topic of bullying is the focus of a thriller story. «Andersen Prize» 2021 for the «Best book over 15 ...

Via del Sorriso 123

The perfect gift to start out the new year with new friends!

La scimmia che si era persa

Good things come to those who know how to wait - and hope!

10 indizi per Agatha

A captivating novel to understand the origins of the most famous investigator in the world and the story of an ...


A delicate story about doubts and fears that we don’t have to worry about too much because growing up they ...

Anselmo e Greta

Like old trunks or magic chests fairy tales preserve a very old wisdom made of a simple but fundamental knowledge.

Quello nuovo

“There’s Going to Be a Baby” meets “Toy Story”: the arrival of a baby brother as experienced by a group ...

Fuori freddo

Cold outside. White outside. Red cheeks. Hot inside. High fever, Mummy says.

Il mistero di Poggio Ortica

Shivers up the spine, suspense and a pinch of irony make for the perfect mystery novel (including a murder!) for ...

Il libro dei Vetuschi

Asterix rebooted... with a lot of non-sense! The adventures of the dumbest people in the World!

La ragazza con lo zaino verde

A novel that explains how it feels to grow up under fascism, and how much courage it takes to open ...

La traversata

An inspiring modern-day fable that will touch all who read it. A journey between reality and dreams.

Non c’è posto per me!

Mama elephant makes room for herself among the animals, but can't find a way to fit between the pages. A ...