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Come il mare in un bicchiere

Come il mare in un bicchiere


A soul story born in a period of suspended time. The mind becomes painful, it haunts your soul, it wrings the heart. It’s like the sea in a glass – Luciana Littizzetto

By one of the most beloved Italian novelist.

Strong, new pages in which discomfort becomes, in the particular light of the pandemic, the key to unlocking the fragility and resources of each one of us. Because that metre of separation from others, both when it is violated and when it is respected, is still ‘a power in our hands’.

There are people with such a strong desire for the absolute, that they feel in their bodies like the immensity of the sea inside a glass. But they know that that glass, small to the point of ridicule for its impossible task of containing such vastness, is the only chance to meet other people, so that someone can approach their lips and drink. They are people who, however, continue to be impatient with their limit and end up becoming prisoners of their own head. People Inside Their Head.

Chiara Gamberale is always prepared to take up the challenge of inventing special ways to give voice to what we hear and produces a powerful testimony that is at the same time a shout and a caress.

Genre: Narrative

Publishing house:


Year of publication: 2020

Published in: Italia

Number of pages: 128

Price: 13 euro

ISBN: 9788807034114

Foreign rights manager:

Sales ranking: 15ª posizione della Top50 All titles italiani (Elaborazione a cura di Nielsen BookScan. Dati relativi alla settimana 04/07 – 11/07) 11ª posizione della Top50 Fiction italiana hard cover (Elaborazione a cura di Nielsen BookScan. Dati relativi alla settimana 04/07 – 11/07)

Come il mare in un bicchiere

Chiara Gamberale

Chiara Gamberale, born in 1977, lives in Rome. She debuted in 1999 with Una vita sottile, followed, among others, by La zona cieca, Le luci nelle case degli altri, Qualcosa and the bestsellers Per dieci minuti, Avrò cura di te (with Massimo Gramellini), Adesso and L’isola dell’abbandono. Her books have been translated in many countries.

Other translations:
Le luci nelle case degli altri (Mondadori, 2010): Israele (Keter) // Quattro etti d’amore grazie (Mondadori, 2013): Lituania (Alma Littera) // Per dieci minuti (Feltrinelli, 2013): Francia (Michel Lafon); Romania (Litera); Germania (Berlin Verlag); Israele (Keter); Lituania (Alma Littera); Spagna (Seix Barral); Turchia (Pegasus); Ungheria (Művelt Nép Könyvkiadó Kft) // Adesso (Feltrinelli, 2016): Francia (JC Lattès), America Latina (Editorial Planeta Mèxico); Spagna (Harper Collins) // Qualcosa (Longanesi, 2017): Cina (China South Booky)