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Dress code rosso sangue

At 25, Cecilia spent her life following her father’s diktat, to the point where she studied Law in order to work at the family firm. But when she stumbles upon a job opportunity at the prestigious showroom of Franco Sartori, a worldwide renowned stylist, she doesn’t let it to slip through her fingers – and for the first time ever she won’t allow others to make decisions for her: not her father Alberto, nor her boyfriend Andrea.Her choice soon proves to be successful: Cecilia is skilled, she closes major deals and her rise to the top is unstoppable. That is, until Franco Sartori is found dead in a dilapidated farmstead. Around his slaughtered body, all evidence leads to a satanic ritual. And this is only the beginning…At the showroom, Spring Sales are now bringing not only costumers but policemen, new secrets and – unfortunately for everyone – new victims as well.What is truly happening? And what if Cecilia in next on the list?

Marina Di Guardo is the mother of the Ferragni sisters: Chiara, Valentina and Francesca. She’s a very popular personality, constantly appearing on tv shows, magazines and social events. Her latest novels have been published by Mondadori, and her new thriller, Dress code rosso sangue has been published on November 2021. She stars in Amazon Prime series ‘The Ferragnez’, available worldwide from December 2021.