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This is the first of four volumes on the Human Factor: a work that aims to disseminate concepts related to the human factor in aviation. This volume deals with security models and human error; two concepts that will provide the leitmotiv also for subsequent volumes, concerning human performance and limitations, group interaction and the man-machine relationship. The work is aimed at those who want to approach the subject but have never read anything on this topic. The informative tone with ample resources of examples treated from operational life allows us to identify the fundamental problems concerning safety, the interpretative models of accidents, the solutions adopted, the constant presence of the error in our daily actions and the possibility of managing it despite its multifaceted nature. The volume is produced with the patronage of the Aeroclub of Italy.

Airline pilot and human factor expert. In addition to working as a pilot in Alitalia, he is engaged as a lecturer at the Air Transport, Safety and Environment Study Center and has also been included in several European research projects.