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This is the second of four volumes of HumanFactor, a work that aims to disseminate concepts related to the human factor in aviation. This volume covers topics related to human performance and limitations. The various chapters are structured in such a way as to provide the reader with an overview of the physiological and psychological characteristics of the pilot, analyzing a series of characteristic elements of the flight activity, essential to ensure safety: sleep, jet lag, operational fatigue. , stress, optical illusions, mental performance, hypoxia, crew incapacitation, maintaining good physical shape. While the first volume was broad-spectrum, this is more centered on the flight activity and contains \’life-saving\’ notions that help the young pilot not to underestimate some dangers scattered in the operating environment.

Airline pilot and human factor expert. In addition to working as a pilot in Alitalia, he is engaged as a lecturer at the Air Transport, Safety and Environment Study Center and has also been included in several European research projects.