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It’s a small and very practical guide to recognize, in everyday life, food’s nutrients, especially those that should never be missing at the table, so as to be able to set a balanced weekly menu for each season, not only to keep fit, but also to strengthen oneself in the fight against the virus. The author Elisa Eusebio does not list the foods to avoid, which would only increase the climate of renunciation and deprivation that we are already experiencing, but she accompanies us to discover how to make our table nutritionally richer. A book to change point of view and start looking at food with the awareness of having a precious ally!

Elisa Eusebio has a degree in Medicine from the University of Turin, with specific training in General Medicine. Graduated from the course of biological nutrition of the European Society of Biological Nutrition, she obtained a University Master in Clinical Nutrition. She has been teaching since 2012 at the Popular University of Turin the course “Eating for Healing. How to eat with intelligence”.