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Il Paese di Quel Che Non C’è Più

The paradigm of the parallel between an earthquake and the condition of a child. Between an event defined as «rare» for the point of the earth’s surface on which it occurred (the 2012 earthquakes in Emilia lands) and an equally rare pathology (Tourette’s syndrome). The movement disorders of the ground and those of Lorenzo, the smallest of the protagonists. The stories of a family set in the main story of the difficult summer of 2012 and the subsequent wandering before the return, towards which other stories flow: a community, a world of the plains, family stories that emerge from the past in the succession of generations. All narrated in first person by the author – mother of the child – while waiting for a rebirth, or rather a «repair», for an interior reconstruction, and for second the material reconstruction of her own land.

Rita Caleffi lives and works in the Modena area. Graduated in Philosophy at the University of Bologna, she began her career in the Public Administration, Communication and Public Relations sector. In 1991 she published the first novel entitled The Boy with the Water Soul.