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Io, tu, noi. Vivere con se stessi, l’altro, gli altri

Io, tu, noi. Vivere con se stessi, l’altro, gli altri

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“Vittorio Lingiardi shows how love challenges every great theme of human life and how it can only be achieved when people find balance in their lives“.

3rd printing with more than 10.000 copies sold.

What does living together mean? Renowned and established psychoanalyst Vittorio Lingiardi discovers the art of living with others but, first and foremost, with ourselves. Living with others begins within us; living together with our inner self requires crossing bridges built – often with great effort – across the fragmented archipelago of our own identity.

Set at the sweet spot between relational abilities and interpersonal chemistry, we can imagine living together as the overlapping of different levels of psychic experience: living with me, with you, with others. These are the three levels supporting Vittorio Lingiardi’s essay on the need to explore, and beauty of exploring, the complex and the multiple: the difficulty of living together with every “we” that makes us up; acknowledging the other, especially a loved one, in the flow of fractures and repairs; living in the world, seeking flexible solutions amidst curiosity and fear, nostalgia and change.

Genre: Essays

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Year of publication: 2019

Published in: Italia

Number of pages: 160

Price: 14 euro

ISBN: 9788851174965

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Io, tu, noi. Vivere con se stessi, l’altro, gli altri

Vittorio Lingiardi

Vittorio Lingiardi is an analytical psychologist, psychiatrist, psychoanalyst and full professor of Dynamic Psychology at Università La Sapienza, Rome. He collaborates with the Sole24Ore cultural supplement Domenica, Repubblica and Il Venerdì, where he writes the column Psycho on cinema and psychoanalysis. His books include Citizen Gay. Affetti e diritti (2016), Mindscapes. Psiche nel paesaggio (2017) and Diagnosi e destino (2018).