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La cucina di Andersen

La cucina di Andersen


Fairy-tale foods, enchanted foods. Nordic recipes, exotic recipes and imaginary recipes to make a journey through the fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen.

La cucina di Andersen offers Nordic recipes, exotic recipes and imaginary recipes to take you on a journey through Hans Christian Andersen‘s fairy tales and the life of the Danish writer. Fairy creatures such as goblins let themselves be tempted by a small plate of milk and butter, while the poet is by nature a voracious being and in his tales it often happens that peas, buckwheat and thistles, endowed with their own distinct personality, are the protagonists of sweet and bitter events. Being eaten is ‘blissful death’, as a cucumber says, pining for a handsome cockerel and wanting nothing more than to be devoured by him: ‘If he came in here, if he ate me with all the leaves and the stalk!’. How can we have the courage, then, to eat what we consider food?Imaginative recipes, that would suit a writer of fairy tales because ‘He who is a poet can prepare a broth with a toothpick’.

Genre: Cookery

Publishing house:

Il leone verde Edizioni

Year of publication: 2005

Published in: Torino

Number of pages: 80

Price: 10

ISBN: 9788887139814

Foreign rights manager: Anna Spadolini

La cucina di Andersen

Daniela Messi

Daniela Messi is a writer and publishing consultant.