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The common misconception is that the Montessori world disdains new technologies and disallows their use in schools or families. But this is not so: Montessori herself believed that the introduction of  ‘mechanical aids’ would become a necessity in the schools of the future.So how should we proceed? Mario Valle in his book La pedagogia Montessori e le nuove tecnologie (The Montessori Pedagogy and New Technologies) addresses the issue from a particular point of view: an expert in supercomputers (he is employed at the Swiss Center for Scientific Computing in Lugano) and fascinated by the Montessori approach, he shows how technologies can be used in schools. The result is a very interesting book, which is both an excellent exposition of Maria Montessori’s thought and a useful practical guide for curious teachers eager to introduce new technologies in the classroom (with a ‘Montessori spirit’).

Mario Valle has been working for over thirty years in the most diverse fields of science, and since 2003 he has been at the Swiss Center for Scientific Computing (CSCS) in Lugano, in close contact with scientists and researchers, using supercomputers and cutting-edge technologies on a daily basis.