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Le Parole della Chimica

Le Parole della Chimica


Chemistry studies matter and defines the composition of the molecules that constitute it, their formulas and their names. The reading of chemical formulas has always been an obstacle to the curiosity of those who would have liked to understand more. Yet the term “molecule” has entered widely in the media and domestic lexicon. We are currently talking about antioxidant molecules, molecular dogs, molecular cuisine, and molecules as active ingredients in drugs. With this booklet the authors offer a tool to better understand the meaning of these terms.
Three chapters are devoted to the names of the molecules and the writing of the corresponding formulas. A chapter is dedicated to the names of the macromolecules constituting the plastic materials. This chapter is followed by a brief exposition of the problems deriving from planetary pollution owing to plastic waste whose solution is urgent before profound changes occur in our ecosystem.

Genre: Essays

Subject: Mathematics and pure sciences

Publishing house:

LED Edizioni Universitarie

Year of publication: 2020

Published in: Milano

Number of pages: 50

Price: 20

ISBN: 978-88-7916-958-5

Le Parole della Chimica

R. Gallo - F.M. Severini

F.M. Severini:  associate professor of Materials Science at the Politecnico di Milano. He taught Polymer science and technology at the University of Messina. He has published numerous works in national and international journals.
R. Gallo:  associate professor of Industrial Chemistry at the University of Messina. Author and co-author of numerous scientific papers on the aging of polyolefins exposed in the natural environment.