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Non chiudere gli occhi

Non chiudere gli occhi

A thriller for young adults where we discover that things are never what they seem and that, in the soul of any kid, lies a mirror revealing the truth.

One evening a mysterious couple, a woman and a man with a spooky look, show up in a small town. They come out only at night. Nobody knows where they live, where they come from and why they are around. Nobody dares to follow them except Giovanni who is very curious and wants to understand what’s going on. The boy is like that, he goes all the way. But above all Giovanni always listens to his instincts which arouse weird images about people. Giovanni feels on his skin when people are evil and hide inside violence and tearful secrets. When a kid disappears, the entire town is shocked and people are sure that the weird couple is involved. But Giovanni has doubts and carries on his investigation.

  • By winning author of the “Scuola Holden” literary prize. Finalist of the “John Fante Opera Prima” literary contest.
  • Domestic violence, an issue as shocking as it is urgent.
  • “Formaggi brings us inside the mistery of our own dark side”. (La Repubblica)
  • “Formaggi’s novels have the touch of Ammaniti’s stories”. (Il Sole 24 Ore)

Genre: Teenagers

Publishing house:

Pelledoca Editore

Year of publication: 2017

Published in: Milano

Number of pages: 208

Price: 16 €

ISBN: 978-88-3279-002-3

Foreign rights manager: Sarah Daumerie -

Non chiudere gli occhi

Francesco Formaggi

Born in 1980, he graduated in Aesthetics at the University of Bologna. Currently he works as an editor at Riders magazine. Meanwhile he writes novels and short stories. His first novel Il casale (Neri Pozza 2013) was finalist of the “John Fante Opera Prima” literary contest. The latest novel is Il cortile di pietra (Neri Pozza 2017).