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Reggiane Re. 2000 falco, Héja, J.20

Reggiane Re. 2000 falco, Héja, J.20

The text, including captions, is offered in both Italian and English, and deals with all aspects of the typeʼs service life with three actions: Italy, Sweden and Hungary. A modeller ʼs section is included in the centre of the title. Camouflage and marking notes are included along with detail photos of things like engine, armament, etc. There are also comprehensive appendices that list technical specifications and a bibliography. In total there are 35 colour photos, 91 black and white, including three views and profiles.

Genre: Other

Subject: Technology / Engineering / Agriculture

Publishing house:

IBN Istituto Bibliografico Napoleone sas

Year of publication: 2010

Published in: Roma

Number of pages: 64

Price: 15.50

ISBN: 9788886815819

Reggiane Re. 2000 falco, Héja, J.20

Maurizio Di Terlizzi

Maurizio Di Terlizzi was born in 1968 in Rome. He has always been keen of flying and Aviation and holds the rank of Warrant Officer of Italian CustomPolice, as an helicopter instructor crew chief at the Flight Line of theTraining, Studies and Aerial Standardization at Pratica di Mare AB (Rome). A painstaking modeller, he still takes part at International Competitions both as a competitor than as a judge. He won in three occasions the Gold Medal in the Championship of Paris and Telford.