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Who says that every story must have an ending? A \’strange young man\’ manages to make cars disappear from a city with his whistle; a modern Pinocchio, telling lies, puts the wood of his nose on the market: in this book the characters, the magical objects, the talking animals of the fairytale tradition come back to life and current in the name of Gianni Rodari\’s imagination. The different endings he proposes confirm his willingness to involve the reader and make him/her an active part in the transformation of the stories.

Gianni Rodari was a teacher a journalist. Starting in the 1950s, he began to publish his works for children, which immediately achieved enormous success, countless translations and deserved various awards, including, in 1970, the prestigious «Hans Christian Andersen» award

Anna Laura Cantone illustrator, collaborates with Italian and foreign galleries, creating sculptures, paintings and installations.