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Are all vaccines the same? What is the duration? What is the efficiency? What is meant by herd immunity? Is it the same for all diseases? Following the introduction of compulsory vaccination, Dr. Eugenio Serravalle tries to clarify, accompanying the reader in the maze of data and technical terms with linearity. Vaccinations: in search of the lowest risk is an essential reading to learn to apply critical sense to topics on which we often find ourselves defenseless, such as the medical-health information disseminated by the press and television.

Eugenio Serravalle is a medical doctor specialized in Preventive Pediatrics, Puericulture and Neonatal Pathology. For years, he has been a consultant and manager of nutritional education projects for preschools in Pisa and surrounding municipalities.He is a member of the Provincial Commission for Vaccines of the Autonomous Province of Trento and a speaker at conventions and conferences on vaccinations, children’s health and pediatric nutrition throughout Italy.