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One morning, Mrs Berenice tells her friend Nilde a very bizarre fact. Two days earlier, she buried her beloved Zeffirina, a budgie with blue and black feathers, which had died of old age. Yet the following afternoon, to her great surprise, she found her alive and well, intent on singing and uttering rude sentences… her Zaffirina, who had never spoken before! It’s the ideal case for Pappi, a boy with a passion for mysteries, and his loyal assistant Sgombro, a dog who loves canned tuna and who, every time he gets excited or picks up an intense scent, emits a loud… burp! Everything seems to point to the incredible return of the budgie, but two good detectives like them know that you should never stop at appearances. Following the rules of the Perfect Sleuth, clue after clue, they will solve the mystery. In the appendix, the rulebook of the Perfect Sleuth!
Chiara Lorenzoni returns with an original story about a strange detective duo.

Lorenzoni Chiara

Born in 1971 in Padua, in 2009 she published her first book, a collection of stories and nursery rhymes, Attila, Adalberta… e chi più ne ha più ne metta (Lupo). She wrote Romeo Mozartin e la frutta canterina, Le parole di Bianca sono farfalle Sogni con la coda (Lapis edizioni). She is one of the coordinators and the artistic director of Lecce Picture Book Festival.