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Bassani in the World: Visual Translations

Bassani’s works have enjoyed great success not just in Italy, but all over the world. He first acquired an international readership in the 1950s, with the publication in the literary journal Botteghe Oscure of Passeggiata prima di cena, which was immediately translated into English, and the number of his international readers grew surprisingly quickly. The world depicted by Bassani was not seen as merely a mirror of life in Ferrara, but as a microcosm of universal themes expressed using universal forms of representation. Indeed, in his “Ferrara novel”, as if in a laboratory experiment, we observe the reactions of the diverse qualities and tendencies of human beings, the major topics of justice, guilt, the attraction of evil and the compensatory power of memory. Readers of the numerous translations of his works produced over the years in French, German, Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Polish, Japanese, Hebrew and Chinese have recognised in Bassani that rare trait – one very few people possess – of saying something that is, at the same time, both specific and universal, also thanks to his use of language, which enables him to speak to the most disparate readers, both culturally and linguistically speaking. These translations, moreover, were always produced under the author’s watchful eye. The foreign editions presented here, which come mainly from the writer’s private library and are preserved by the Fondazione Giorgio Bassani in Ferrara, also offer a fascinating panorama of how the themes and characters from Bassani’s stories and novels were seen in the collective imagination. The book covers, elegant or excessive, realistic or abstract, are always empathic – a reflection of the fascination and involvement with a literary work that no reader can resist.

Rosy Cupo, University of Ferrara


A Prospect of Ferrara
Die Gärten der Finzi-Contini
Finzi-Contini ke no niwa
La garza
Der Reiher
The Heron
Lida Mantovani y otras historias de Ferrara
Zahrada Finzi-Continiu
Five stories of Ferrara
Finzi-Continiék kertje
The Garden of the Finzi-Continis
L'odeur du foin
Le Héron
The Garden of The Finzi-Continis
Le Roman de Ferrare
El jardí dels Finzi-Contini
La novela de Ferrara
Die Gärten der Finzi-Contini
La novela de Ferrara
Der Geruch von Heu: Erzählungen
The Gold-Rimmed Spectacle
Het verhaal van Ferrara / Verzameld werk
Die Brille mit dem Goldrand: Erzählung
A garça
The Smell of Hay
Finzi-Contini’lerin Bahçesi
Las gafas de oro: La novela de Ferrara. Libro segundo
Il Giardino dei Finzi Contini
The Novel of Ferrara