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Bebè a costo zero crescono

Bebè a costo zero crescono


Less objects and more affection to grow up happy from early childhood to the threshold of adolescence. A guide to critical consumption, with practical advice for raising happy children.

For a child, only the best. But what is the best for a child? Giorgia Cozza answers the question that was the starting point for Bebè a costo zero, the guide to critical consumption for future and new parents. Now, in Bebè a costo zero crescono, the focus shifts to older children, from 2 years of age, up to the threshold of adolescence, because if it is possible to welcome a child at almost no cost, it is also possible to raise him or her peacefully without incurring continuous expenses.

Genre: Essays

Subject: Pedagogy and education

Publishing house:

Il leone verde Edizioni

Year of publication: 2016

Published in: Torino

Number of pages: 320

Price: 18

ISBN: 9788865801369

Foreign rights manager: Anna Spadolini

Bebè a costo zero crescono

Giorgia Cozza

Giorgia Cozza is a mother-journalist, specialized in the maternal-infant sector, author of children’s books and numerous manuals for parents, which have become an important reference point for many families in Italy and abroad. She has been a speaker at numerous conferences for parents and professionals in the field and a guest on television to answer questions related to the care of children and an environmentally friendly parenting style.