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Promoting Italian book publishing throughout the world


Italian Books in Korea

Italian culture made its first appearance in Korea back in 1876, the year in which Korea began to open up ...

England has rediscovered Natalia Ginzburg

Natalia Ginzburg and England: a mutual passion

Translating and re-translating the classics

“Testo a fronte” Celebrates its 30th anniversary with a special edition: Tradurre e ritradurre i classici ...

Italian Books in Poland

There is a long history of the presence of Italian literature in Poland, dating back to the Renaissance.

Editorial Stories: Zsolnay and folio

The publishing houses Paul Zsolnay, headed by the Hanser group, and folio. 

Body to body with the Italian: In altre parole ...

Jhumpa Lahiri: “the most influential writer of fiction in America”

Italian comics abroad

Comics made in Italy and exported around the world.

ILfest – Italienisches Literaturfestival München

ILfest made its debut in Monaco of Bavaria from the 24th to the 26th of May 2019.

Books and literary festivals: news from Lyon and its surroundings

A rich calendar of events and initiatives of international importance that have been promoted by an extensive constellation of operators ...

A Parisian book series dedicated to Italian literature

“Cahiers de l’Hôtel de Galliffet”: this year the series publishes fifty titles.