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Gli ultimi guerrieri. Viaggio nelle riserve indiane

A fascinating journey among the Last Warriors, on the side of the Native Americans. A Native American David struggles against a Goliath represented by the endless greed of multinational corporations. Against the bewitching backdrop of pow wows, the festivals of Indian reservations in traditional costume, the author embraces the cause of a people defending Mother Earth, and fighting for their identity, after centuries of injustice and abuse by the White Man. Raffaella Milandri compares the culture, customs and ceremonies of the two tribes, the Crow and the Lakota, formerly enemies. She is enraptured by a profound spirituality in favour of the environment and the planet, and a culture of respect and equality. For the Lakota, the problems are not only the treaties never respected by the United States Government, which have deprived them of their sacred lands, the Black Hills; there are also oil pipelines, uranium and gold mines that injure Nature and poison Man. Battles without bows and arrows, but with great determination on the part of the Red Men.

Writer and journalist, Raffaella Milandri is a human rights activist for Indigenous Peoples, an expert scholar of Native Americans and a graduate in Anthropology. She is an honorary member of the Four Winds Cherokee Tribe in Louisiana and the Crow Tribe in Montana. She has published over ten books, all on Native Americans and Indigenous Peoples, with a focus on human rights, in both a historical and contemporary context.