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Liberi di non comprare. Un invito alla rivoluzione

Mind you, we are not talking about savings here. This is an invitation to a revolution. To not just be money, but to be people again. It is an invitation to action: to strive to stop being consumers and to become people again. A journey towards freedom, to finally define ourselves as people and no longer victims of a system that wants us to be just consumers and nothing else. An exhortation to fight for ourselves, with the knife between our teeth, to restore dignity and weight to our existence. To not just be money, but to be Men again. But also to bring relief to Planet Earth, overburdened by pollution and waste. Through the story of Jesus, a homeless man from New York, and the interventions of Indigenous Peoples with their millenary culture, Raffaella Milandri, in this book, takes us to the centre of a human and social experience, even before the economic one. The book contains contributions by Renzo Paris, Francesco Barbagallo, Bruno Bozzetto, Sabrina, a survivor of the recent earthquake in Central Italy, and Native Americans, Bushmen, and Aborigines. After winning important prizes and awards, Milandri’s book is being published in an updated and corrected second edition.

Writer and journalist, Raffaella Milandri is a human rights activist for Indigenous Peoples, an expert scholar of Native Americans and a graduate in Anthropology. She is an honorary member of the Four Winds Cherokee Tribe in Louisiana and the Crow Tribe in Montana. She has published over ten books to date, all on Native Americans and Indigenous Peoples, with a focus on human rights, in both a historical and contemporary context.