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Nativi americani. Guida alle tribù e riserve indiane degli Stati Uniti

The first guide offering a comprehensive and up-to-date overview of the complexity and vastness of Native American cultures and tribes in the United States, along with Alaska and Hawaii. A text, also with a view to helping the economies of Indian Nations with tourism, to be consulted to embrace the reality of the tribes and reservations, which are divided state by state and organised by type. History, laws, focus on boarding schools, museums dedicated to American Indians, pow wows, native associations. The painstaking work of Raffaella Milandri, a scholar and expert on Native Americans, provides the reader with a gateway to a universe of historical, legislative, tourist and cultural information, a fundamental and unique guide. Indispensable for those who want to inform themselves, study or organise a trip.

Writer and journalist, Raffaella Milandri is a human rights activist for Indigenous Peoples, an expert scholar of Native Americans and a graduate in Anthropology. She is an honorary member of the Four Winds Cherokee Tribe in Louisiana and the Crow Tribe in Montana. She has published over ten books, all on Native Americans and Indigenous Peoples, with a focus on human rights, in both a historical and contemporary context.