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Io e i pigmei. Cronache di una donna nella foresta

The human rights activist author’s surprising journey to Cameroon to discover the Pygmies of today: who are they and what are the extraordinary traditions of this thousand-year-old culture? What is the devastating impact of ‘Progress’ on this peaceful people in deep harmony with Nature? During an incredible journey, the arduous search for truth leads to the collection of testimonies that are a desperate plea sent to us by the People of the Forest. Deforestation, intensive palm oil plantations, even nature parks threaten the survival of the pygmy ethnic groups. The traveller’s experience is a gripping, moving and terribly true tale.

Writer and journalist, Raffaella Milandri is a human rights activist for Indigenous Peoples, an expert scholar of Native Americans and a graduate in Anthropology. She is an honorary member of the Four Winds Cherokee Tribe in Louisiana and the Crow Tribe in Montana. She has published over ten books, all on Native Americans and Indigenous Peoples, with a focus on human rights, in both a historical and contemporary context.