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La Spagna narrata nelle traduzioni italiane (1900-1945)

The volume presented here is devoted to the presence of literature translated from Spanish and Catalan in Italy in the twentieth century, the scope of a research that, begun around 2010, would yield fruitful results in the following years. It was initially intended, as reproposed here, to open a reflection as systematic as possible on the first part of the century that would describe the quantitative traits of a large corpus of titles from which to draw possible qualitative deductions; these are narrative, non-fiction and theatrical prose published in volumes and collected in the Clecsi – Catalogue of Catalan, Spanish and Hispano-American Literature (, a data base that we find here in the appendices. The methodological starting point draws on conceptualizations derived from Even-Zohar’s elaboration of the polysystem, primarily, and from the studies that in a direct way have transposed its emanations. In this perspective are also assumed, but only as already technicized, the terms and cores of the sociology of literature derived from Bourdieu as literary field, trajectory, polarization between goods of high symbolic value, the books of culture, and goods of economic value, that is, books produced primarily to activate the commercial circuits of the market; in short, it is a matter of understanding in a non-just economistic way ‘the rules of art’ and observing the rules governing its distribution between a field of narrow production and a field of mass production. The object of so much of the studies on transfer, understood as the importation and transformation of the pre-existing, in fact, including this small volume, is translated literature observed in dynamic contact with the target system, taking into account both the functional approach of descriptive studies, as well as those aimed at the most significant referents in the literary field, such as publishers, translators, editors, vanguard and preservation.

Nancy De Benedetto is associate professor of Spanish Language at DIRIUM, University of Bari.Around literary translations in the twentieth century, she has set up a database, the Clecsi (; conducted investigations on important works such as Don Quixote in the Italian literary field; she has attempted the systematization of different periods of the Century.